Day 14 – Immense Pride When Arriving At Land’s End

So here we are, the final day of an epic adventure from John O’Groats all the way down to Land’s End. We knew we only had 55 miles to ride today so it was going to be a really pleasant ride, knowing this we still agreed to leave at 06:15am to give us time just incase today was the first time we got punctures or injuries. With the excitement running through the team they tried to keep a steady pace knowing we had plenty of time today, almost too much spare time. The discussed pace was around 10mph average but we were far too excited and we kept pushing upto 14mph as an average so we decided to go for a different option, we decided to have a few different breakfast stops instead!! We enjoyed our first pasty of trip in Praze-En-Beeble and stopped for 30 minutes!

We reached Penzance at around 11:00am knowing we had 2 whole hours to cycle the remaining 10 miles and not even Gavlar could slow to that 5mph average so we spent a good 45 minutes on the promenade of Penzance enjoying breakfast and a cup of tea. We then moved on to our final steep hill of the ride, climbing out of Newlyn was our final proper challenge, a 20% hill with people on the pavements clapping and cheering because they were aware we were JOGLE riders and were cheering us on.

We took another short breather around 2 miles from Land’s End just so we definitely got in for 13:00 and no one would miss us coming in. During this break Darren decided to partake in some jumping push ups, this involves getting air time and clapping your hands during the press up, there is video evidence but the language uttered cannot be repeated!! The final 10 minutes were very excitable, not even the rain and fog could wipe away our smiles as we thought about crossing the finish line and cruising down the slope of Land’s End with all our family and friends cheering us down. There was a good turnout to see us in, even with banners, balloons and champagne, they all braved the rain to wait for us to roll down that hill so thank you to everyone who came down to cheer us on.

We spent about 10 minutes greeting everyone and there was plenty of hugs to go around! We then moved around the corner and took a picture with that famous sign to complete our journey! We’ve now gone our separate ways and back to reality now for the team after the incredible adventure we’ve enjoyed together. We managed to travel the entire distance without suffering from a single punctured tyre which I personally think is amazing considering I got 4 punctures during a 3 month training period! 

 Special mention to Alan Streete our support driver because this trip couldn’t have happened without him so thanks Big Al, you did a smashing job!

We would like to thank everyone who has supported us throughout our training and during the ride as well as thanking everyone who has donated to our 3 charities. We will be sending out another blog and email dedicated to thanking everyone who has donated but for now please do accept our utmost gratitude for your contributions. We have currently raised around £10,000 which is an incredible amount of money for the charities but it is not too late to donate if you haven’t done so yet, please do go onto JUST GIVING and donate to or charities.

JT’S STAT CORNER (Final Edition) 

Total Miles – 1,002 / Total Elevation – 61,674

Total Falls – 4 / Total Punctures – 0!!!!
Ciao For Now – JT



One thought on “Day 14 – Immense Pride When Arriving At Land’s End”

  1. What an amazing achievement and on behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support – thank you for all of the amazing funds you have raised to help people affected by cancer!

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