Day 13 – Who Took The Trips 3rd And 4th Tumbles?!

This morning was another early start, we agreed on 05:50am down at the car was the plan and it’s only taken 13 days but everyone made it there with a couple minutes to spare. We made our way over the last 12 horrendously hilly miles we completed the day before on route to today’s starting location. We were greeted by Sam Smith himself, the trips only cameo appearance, and he is part of the story later on as well so stay tuned to hear about what happens to Sam.

The first section of today’s ride  was relatively level and easy with the elevation only reaching 2,000ft over 30 miles so there wasn’t anything too stressing and not much to challenge us, well that’s what I thought but whilst travelling through the Barbican area of Plymouth we found ourselves travelling around the marina on their lovely cobbled roads and stunt man Sam was attempting to lift his front wheel up onto the pavement but didn’t quite get high enough and proceeded to take the trips third tumble! To be fair to him he did the most majestic forward roll you’ll ever see and finished it off back on his feet like nothing had ever happened! There was one comment from a passer by along the lines of “you’re definitely not the first to fall off along here and you won’t be the last” which made him feel slightly better! Read on to find out who took the second tumble of the day and the fourth of the trip!!

So we boarded our first ferry of the day which took us from Plymouth over to Cremyll where we officially entered into Cornwall. This was a big moment for us as we saw the sign and there was a bit of excitement whilst stepping off the ferry and it turned out that not everyone was paying attention to their surroundings as one of us took a tumble at this very moment. When stepping off the boat and onto dry land with his Bike above his head, Darren planted his foot down onto land and immediately slipped with half his body still on the boat. He took a tumble straight down onto the slipway with the bike and bottles going everywhere, he was was probably only an inch or so away from falling into the shallow waters (shame, I know). Luckily for everyone we did capture this moment on the GoPro so check that out below. (He was unhurt as well so all was good)

It’s not a very exciting video unfortunately as we clipped it down to 30seconds. The quote Darren makes is “I’ll tell you what, I was a nats cock from going in the water there”​


Day 13, Part 2 was a steeper section as there was 3,800ft to climb over the 35 miles and there was due to be a couple steep ones in there. There was definitely a couple big climbs to battle with, lots of out the saddle action to carry us to the top of the hill to reach that moment of pride and achievement at another hill being completed! I best mention this as it was half a fall, Josh hit a small stone whilst going up a 25% hill which forced him to unclip and stop, there was banter that he couldn’t handle the steepness but it was definitely a slip!! 

Our satnavs stopped working when we got into Fowey after our second ferry of the day so we were on our own for when we did the additional 8 miles onto St.Austell which was from tomorrow’s ride. We got there eventually by using road signs and main roads instead of weaving down country lanes. Back at the hotel now to enjoy our last supper before we depart on our final day of this incredible journey. It’ll be a fantastic moment for us when we ride over that hill into Land’s End (after the 50 hills prior to that one). We will be aiming to be there at 13:00pm so please try to get there slightly before that if you are intending on joining us at the finish line


Thank you to Sam Smith for joining us on our penultimate day. Sam had been with us through the majority of training rides so it was good to give him a taste of the ride with his fresh legs bombing up the hills! 


Total Miles – 946.2 / Total Elevation – 57,306

Ciao For Now – JT



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