Day 11 – Back In The South West Baby! 

After keeping an eye on today’s weather report over the past few days we realised that it was going to be a scorcher, 27 degrees was the peak temperature with ‘feels like’ temperatures reaching over 30 degrees! So after a few discussions we decided to start pedalling at 06:00am. The usual suspects were late to the car again so we didn’t get going until 06:15am but it was definitely worth it as it was still around 16/17 degrees at that point of the morning!

Once again, today was a relatively straight forward ride, 64 miles and 3,800ft elevation, the elevation was slightly tougher today than in previous days as there was 2 or 3 testing hills, especially in this heat! A landmark for everyone was the moment we rode over the Severn Bridge, back into the South West we went and it felt great! We started seeing recognisable signs which was a good feeling and we got excited by this as we knew we were almost home!

Our biggest hill was up over the Mendips, the climb was roughly 850ft in Elevation and it was a toughy in the unbreathable heat, we all trundled to the top and found a lovely shaded area to have a quick rest before we got going again. During our rest we had a quick chat with another JOGLE rider, she started on Saturday with 6 team members but 5 have already dropped out so by day 5 it was just her left to get to John O’Groats, well done her for perservering!! 

Over the course of the WHOLE day there has been strong criticism and ‘banter’ about  Josh’s outfit as he turned up in a vest this morning. Darren made many remarks along the lines of him looking like a ladies tennis player and he’s got to get back to Wimbledon in the afternoon for a doubles match against the Williams sisters. Make your own mind up but it definitely helped with the heat!! 

Once we hit our finish destination we discussed the possibility of making tomorrow’s ride easier by adding on an extra 10 miles to today’s trip. After a quick group vote the majority swing was in favour of the additional mileage on the flat Somerset levels! This now leaves 60 miles for our trip down to Moretonhampstead but we may end up adding an extra 10 miles on tomorrow to make Fridays day slightly easier. 


Total Miles – 811.1 – Total Elevation – 45,981

Ciao For Now – JT



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