Day 10 – Most Enjoyable Ride Of The Trip.

I will warn everyone now that today’s blog won’t be very long or exciting because there isn’t a great deal to report after today’s short and enjoyable ride!!  

Again, in the morning over breakfast we discussed the elevation and pointed out the hills, we saw 3 challenges and that was about it over the 3,350ft elevation. So we got dropped back off in Clun and leisurely started our ride on a warm but overcast day. Our first stop marker was around 22 miles in and Alan picked a beauty of a place to stop as he found some benches and a nice river to sit by to enjoy our food. 

Because we are burning off so many calories we have the luxury of being able to eat exactly what we want just to put those calories back in. We tend to either have sandwiches or pastas for our main lunch with a host of things like flapjacks, fruit and cookies as snacks for our smaller tea breaks. We try to snack throughout the day to keep our bodies fed and working correctly. JT finds doing a variety of stretches before and after is also vital, no matter how odd he looks when doing it.

We arrived in Monmouth at roughly 14:00, we tend to spend an hour or so washing clothes, bathing, showering and sorting tomorrows gear out before we meet up and have a wonder about the town. We’re all fancying a bit of steak tonight so we’ll endeavour to find a nice steakhouse for dinner before another early night. Tomorrow we travel from Monmouth down  to Glastonbury, travelling over that Severn Bridge will feel like another massive milestone as we enter back into the South West. 


Total Miles – 733.9 – Total Elevation – 41,141

Ciao For Now – JT



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