Day 9 – Flirting Down The Welsh Border! 

Over the breakfast table we discussed today’s route and our initial reaction was “happy days” as it looked pretty much flat for the first 60 miles and then the last 20 miles there was a few climbs. We all trundled along in the sunshine at a comfortable pace enjoying the rolling hills of the Shropshire countryside as we flirted in and out of Wales.

Along the way I spotted a box of grit that someone had ‘graffitied’ which summed up this challenge for me (see below). We all needed a bit of grit and determination today as there were a few knee issues with a couple of the guys, luckily these eased off a bit in the afternoon and they could start to enjoy the day a bit more.

Each day we set tea break and lunch time markers on Alan’s map and we try to keep to a 20 mile stop strategy, 9 times out of 10 Alan drives on another 5 miles and finds his own lunch stop, other than that he has been absolutely brilliant and spot on with his duties, we definitely could not do this without him in the support vehicle. Today we had the delight of having our lunch supplied by The Fruitful Deli in Wem, they were kind enough to supply our lunches for free as we were doing so much charity so a special mention and thank you to them.

So now the difficult section started, we were left with around 18 miles to go and we encounter a spike on the graph, this turned out to be a 4 mile climb! Yes, a 4 mile climb. Once we got to the top of this we thought we were heading for a clear run down to Clun but oh no, nature had other plans for us. With just 3 miles left to our finish point, another spike appeared, but this time it was steeper and there was even a big headwind thrown in there for good measure! Knowing this was our final obstacle of the day, grit and determination came back into play and we steamed to the top and made our final descent down into the lovely village of Clun.

Adam and Josh both went to a local shop to pick up a bag of ice for their knees as they sat in the shade waiting for Big Al to come and collect everyone to take them onto Ludlow where they will be staying tonight. Tomorrow brings a slightly shorter day, they will only be riding for 60 miles and they will be heading down to Monmouth, it may be a shorter day but it doesn’t mean it’s an easier day as they tend to have more Elevation to squeeze into the total mileage!

JT’s Stat Corner 

Total Mileage – 675.5 / Total Elevation – 37,805

Ciao For Now x



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