Day 8 – Who Took The Trips Second Tumble?!

Today’s ride had the potential to be a nightmare due to the amount of big towns and cities we were going through but this was where the Sat-Nav was worth its weight in gold. We eased through each place and powered onto the next. Early on today Gavin had severe pains in his knee but found the strength and determination to ride through it and hope the pain went away. He now joins the other 3 with knee pains!!

After yesterday’s mishaps with the scheduled stops we were more organised and marked on Streeto’s map the exact town we wanted him to stop at, and this plan worked, we got back to our 20 mile stop strategies for breaks. 20 miles doesn’t seem a long way but when you’ve got to pound out an average of 75 miles a day, these stops are vital.

Now then, lets move onto Darren Milsom, after yet again making a couple wrong turns and almost leading the others into trouble, we pulled up to a busy roundabout in Warrington, chomping at the bit to get going on the green light and during push-off he collides with the back of Josh’s bike, falls off to the right and does a couple tumbles in the road. Not much can stop Darren so he got back up, apologised to the cars behind him that were delayed, and jumped back on the bike with no harm done.


We arrived at the hotel around 3pm so once again it is time for those much-needed cold baths and hot showers before we enjoy the remaining hours of sunshine before dinner tonight. On tomorrow’s agenda we have an 82 mile ride from Runcorn down through Wales to finish up at Clun.

JT’s Stat Corner

Total Miles – 592.8 / Total Elevation – 34,205

Ciao For Now.



One thought on “Day 8 – Who Took The Trips Second Tumble?!”

  1. Keep going guys! You are doing an amazing job and we are all cheering you on!! I hope Darren is okay after his tumble! On behalf of Macmillan Cancer Support – well done and thank you!

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