Day 7 – Sunshine Through The Idyllic Lake District 

Today was a good day for a few different reasons. We knew we were at the halfway point, we knew we just had 58 miles to ride today but more importantly, the sun was shining for the first time so far and we were loving it! We all whipped out the short sleeve jerseys from the bottom of our bags and relished the sunshine ahead of us.

We started our day from Keswick and made our way down through the Lake District through Windermere, Ambleside and Bowness, all extremely beautiful places to have the pleasure of cycling through. We stopped for lunch at Bowness-On-Windermere and it was ram packed with people enjoying the sunshine!!

There were no major hills today, it was a nice steady ride with lots of ups and downs but they manageable without too much panting for breath! After rescuing the young deer a few days ago we thought that would be the only animal rescue but mid way through the day we witnessed a cow stuck in a ditch but luckily for us there was already a tractor and a team of farmers doing the hard graft so we just had to watch this time.

Today’s ride finished mid afternoon in Lancaster, now is our time to jump in the cold baths, get cleaned up and relax in the remaining sunshine of the day. 


We depart Lancaster and head towards Runcorn tomorrow going through towns such as Blackburn, Bolton and Warrington so that’ll be a fun day of relying on the Sat-Nav. We’ve have found that even though Darren has a Sat-Nav on his bike, he tends to take a wrong turn a few times every day! Josh is definitely the more reliable person with directions.



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