Day 6 – Goodbye Scotland, Hello England!

Today we hit a wonderful milestone, we said goodbye and good ridden to Scotland and a warm hello to England. What a moment that was psychologically to know that you are back in England and that much closer to the finish line!

JT struggled early on with double knee problems but this subsided enough in order to catch up with the other 3 and nurse the knees home. It was a relatively smooth and steady start to the ride today from Moffat, the only real difficulties started when they entered The Lake District, this was where the hills started. Alan wasn’t on top form today and unfortunately we cycled 40 miles before our first stop!!

There was a hefty climb to conquer with 15 miles to go before we knew we could enjoy the descent down to Keswick. The guys found themselves at a road closure and there was two options, follow the long diversion or break some rules and climb over the fences to stay on track, I think you all know what we did! (Badasses).

When we reached the peak of the last highest climb all we could do was to stop and admire the beautiful surroundings. We also all made the same comment as you probably will on this photo, “doesn’t Darren look huge” (He’ll kill me for that), he was adamant it must have been his layers and the wind making him look bigger.

All safely back to our hotels and enjoying cold baths to ensure our muscle recovery process is made easier, we’ll be tucking into a bit of dinner, plan tomorrow’s food stops and then retire our rooms for an early night!


Tomorrow is more than likely going to be one of the prettiest days as we will be starting our day from Keswick and travelling through The Lake District past places such as Ambleside and Lake Windermere. We are looking forward to a hilly but manageable distance and hopefully a nice early afternoon finish.




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