Day 5 – Who Took The Trips First Tumble!?

The very first thing we looked at this morning was the weather report and unfortunately there was a massive rain cloud hovering over our route, oh and a weather warning!! There was a great tailwind though which got us all very excited as we’ve had a horrid headwind for the first few days.

We were travelling at a steady and comfortable speed through the torrential rain so it was manageable until the point we got close to Edinburgh, at this moment we slowed right down whilst navigating over the big bridge and through the city centre. This meant we were now not only soaked through, we were freeeeezing. We managed to stop off around 11:00am at Weatherspoons for a much needed feed, once we’d warmed ourselves up it was time to push on and get the rest of the day done.

As soon as we were out the city we started to push on and gain some speed again, but when we had to go onto a cycle path, there was a tumble, we think it may have been a rogue slug but JT lost his front wheel on something and went down, to the right as well which is worrying for a cyclist as that’s the side with all the important components on. Both JT and bike were okay and they carried on with good spirits. 

Not many photographs were taken due to the weather and the fact we wanted to churn out the miles to the finish line but we did manage a quick selfie before the final descent (looked amazing down through the valley)

We’ve all warmed up and about to tuck into our dinner at our hotel before another early night. Tomorrow we will be cycling around 76 miles and a nice total elevation of around 3,300ft. There is a couple steep hills but we are all feeling strong and cracking through the days now.  We’re expecting the weather to start improving on Saturday, ironically it will be the exact moment we leave Scotland! 



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