Week Away For JT Still Requires Training

I have spent the week away at Highlands End Holiday Park on a University Course that I am enrolled on.  Unfortunately I could not take my bike with me so I decided to take the plunge and bring my running gear along with me for the week. 

As you can see, I only managed 3 miles on the first effort (I would like to add that it was pretty much a mountain for the most of it).  For the first run in around 8 years I was happy with the output, this even spurred me to head back out there the following night to put in an easier 4.7mile stretch at a much better pace!  This also gave me the idea for 2018’s challenge, I will be entering myself into the ballot for The London Marathon to see if I can get a place.

Highlands End Holiday Park is located in such a beautiful area along the Dorset coastline, the same area that Broadchurch is filmed as well.  Now that I have returned home I can thankfully put the running to one side and get back onto the bike for some real training!



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